Stephanie Toole

A Somewhat Brief History...


I'm Stephanie, a designer, illustrator, developing pseudo-typographer/letterer, and general maker of things. I grew up in Atlanta with a family that encouraged my artistic endeavors, despite the ever growing collection of ink stains, paint globs, and miscellaneous craft bits mashed into their tidy suburban carpet.

The real payoff began in second grade when at the end of the year my teacher awarded me the "most creative" title, and announced to the class that I could probably make something out of a toenail. I could have embraced her kind attempt to declare me a shining beacon of creative genius amongst an unruly hoard of seven year olds, but naturally this pronouncement haunted and embarrassed me for well on a decade.

Years after that initial triumph I went on to study painting and drawing which I loved and still love immensely. However I knew in my heart that my ultimate path led elsewhere, though I had yet to discover that design existed as a comprehensive field. What I did know was that I was sucker for packaging, loved drawing type, always made books, and hoarded magazines and CD liner notes. Plus I was tired of getting told off for putting words in my paintings.

Only post-graduation did I realize there was a whole world that existed around these bits and pieces and ideas that I loved, and was fortunate to learn all about the magical design goodness in grad school. Now after those years of no sleep and general turmoil I live in New York, where I spend a solid 67% of my non-design time overwhelming my studio with massive various collections and plotting to finally acquire a smush-faced cat. In the rest of my spare time besides bookmarking animals gifs and attempting to become a personal archive, I also happily take on freelance work.