Stephanie Toole

Environmental Design


Designed to sit over the Potomac River as a memorial to the World War II soldier, the bridge is based on our group definition of peace. After countless discussions and thought-provoking debates, we concluded that universal peace as most imagine it, a seemingly blissful utopia of harmony and understanding, was likely out of reach. Our differences on a personal and cultural level make us unique, but also create a gap in our understanding of one another. Both peace and animosity exist in this gap, and it is up to us which we choose. We instead came to defined peace as tolerance, and the absence of the desire to conform others to your individual opinion. Our bridge symbolizes the many attempts needed to achieve the greatest level of peace, with the five path levels on each side becoming increasingly harder to walk. Yet each more difficult path takes you father across the water, and thus closer to connecting with people climbing from the other side.