Stephanie Toole

City Branding


After moving to the mainland from Honolulu as a child, I quickly learned that most see Hawaii as a beach paradise and nothing more. Generally viewed only as a vacation destination, Honolulu has a reputation for being accessible to very few. However for those who call the city home, Honolulu is a business hub, cultural epicenter, and above all a family. The new messaging strategy showcases Honolulu as a place that goes beyond flower leis and drinks on a sandy beach, and can instead become a home for a more fulfilling life. The new logo gives a nod to Hawaii’s typical “retro” imagery and relaxed energy, while still positioning Honolulu as a city of note. The brand message book is framed through the Huna, or Hawaiian principles of being, and displays the city of Honolulu as a place of energy and growth that still embodies the Aloha spirit and culture where everyone feels like family